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 In 1873, the same year Vienna hosted the 5th World Fair,
the term "Wiener Blut" was first coined.

 Literally meaning Viennese Blood, the expression seeks to describe the particular attitude of the Viennese people, shaped by the unique cultural and diverse ethnic background of the late 19th century Austro-Hungarian metropolis.

 Popular formulas and fads from this period continue to inspire our creations.
The initial formulas were based on the deconstruction and remodeling of
so called Taschentuch-Parfums.

Our first product was launched at the legendary Parisian concept-store Colette. Today, WienerBlut is carried by distinguished retailers across the globe.


 We believe that great fragrances are like treasured secrets, giving the most pleasure to those who carry them. Our formulas are built to whisper, not to shout. Listen carefully to the stories they tell. We love the complexity and magic of natural raw materials and use them generously.



 We believe luxury is a result of seasoned craftsmanship, finest materials and timeless design. Each WienerBlut perfume requires a high degree of careful manual labor. Our bottles are especially made for us in a small European manufacture. Because of the manual finishing, each piece will charm you with individual irregularities.

Each bottle is labeled by hand. 



Our caps are made of ivory bakelite, a material most notably used in the early nineteen hundreds. Because of the costly and time-consuming  production, bakelite has become a rare good. We love its smooth, warm touch and organic surface feel.



 The fully recyclable carton we use is produced by a traditional Italian paper
maker founded in 1888. The protective wrapping is
made of cellulose and is fully biodegradable.